An example to Graph Convolutional Network

In my research, there are many problems involve networks of different types, e.g. social network, online-trading networks, crowdsourcing, etc. I was so happy to find a new powerful tool for my research, the graph convolutional network, which applied deep learning on...

A gentle demonstrate to Tensorflow’s graph and session

Create a graph and operations, e.g. add, multiply, matmul, like using pure python.

Convolutional Neural Network with CIFAR and Tensorflow (example)

Fig 1: A CNN sequence to classify handwritten digits (src: medium) The problem We will use Tensorflow to build a model for classification of images of CIFAR and test the accuracy. In this article, we assume that you already understand the basic concepts of a...

Gradient descent with python

Gradient descent implementation with python on a classification problems

Make use of GG Colab and Jupyter notebook

I decided to share this topic while doing research on Deep Learning on Graph, the latest trend in Deep learning. One of the challenges that I had was to the processing power of my laptop while processing hundreds of thousands of nodes. While buying a new laptop with a...


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